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13 Apr What is this?

qrcode                 This is called a QR Code. Think of it as a new version of a bar code. What is a QR Code? QR stands for Quick Response because it allows the content to be decoded at high speed with a smart phone. Originally for the use in car manufacturing, the QR code is a two-dimensional bar code created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994, and is now the Asian standard and quickly becoming the global standard.
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23 Mar Which web browser is right for me?

Lets Jump to the Conclusion. Below my recommendations is details and special features of all the top browsers. For the Casual User: Google Chrome For those who jump on only to check email, facebook and the occasional article or google search. Chrome is good for you because you can do almost everything with blazing fast speed. For the Heavy User: Mozilla Firefox If you are on the computer for hours and want more than just the basic web surfing experience then Mozilla Firefox is your choice. Secure, customizable, and compatible, Firefox’s vast collection of themes, extensions, and apps allow you to make surfing the web more enjoyable.
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22 Mar Microsoft Office is so 1990s. Google Apps is today.

I bet you’ve heard of a suite of applications called Microsoft Office. You probably use it when typing documents, making presentations, managing a calendar and even checking and sending emails. Let me ask you a few questions:
  1. Do you remember the last time you were half way to work and you forgot to bring that important presentation?
  2. Do you remember the last time you lost your flash drive or back up drive with all your work?
  3. Do you remember the last time your computer crashed and it took a couple days to get all of your work back?
All of this stress can be avoided! The solution is a suite of applications created by Google, called Google Apps. The best part is that this solution is FREE. Google Apps is a suite of applications, including Gmail (Outlook Email Replacement), Google Calendar (Outlook Calendar Replacement) and Google Docs (Word, Power Point and Excel Replacement). The reason Google Apps is a powerful suite of applications is because your data is stored in the Cloud, that means you can view and work on your important documents and emails anywhere you have WiFi or Internet access and a computer! That means no more lost flash drives, no more turning back to get a document when you’re half way to work and most importantly no more downtime when your computer has problems.
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22 Feb What is a good password?

Hello, Today I'm going to teach you how to make a useful password. A password should be seen less like a word and more like a puzzle. Why? Because only you should be able to solve the puzzle that unlocks some of your most private information (ie Facebook, Email, Bank Accounts). It is in your best interest to have a secure, yet effective, password.

How to make a secure password There are a few basic rules on how to secure your online information when using passwords.
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19 Feb What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing You've heard this buzz word being used like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Well, it is - at least in the computer world. However, cloud computing has its advantages and disadvantages, which makes this a great discussion.

What is it?

Cloud computing is the sharing of software, storage, and information without requiring a physical location. Basically, everything is stored and available online, or commonly  referenced as "in the cloud."

Why does it exist?

A few years ago, it was commonplace to find only 1 computer owned by a person or even families. Because of this condition, we would store our documents, e-mail, and other information on this one computer. As the number of computers we owned or operated increased, we would store the information across two by copying things on both. This was starting to become additional work, but it was manageable. At the same time of this shift, higher speed internet started to become more widely available and it was even faster, and the amount of storage increased significantly while actually reducing in cost. This was the major reason why cloud computing, web applications, and almost anything with online infrastructure started gaining momentum. Today, we have to add higher speed wireless internet, smart phones, and tablet computers to the computing ecosystem. As a direct result, you have more devices than ever to put your information on, faster ways to access it, and more storage per device, but no unification or connection between them all. These have been key ingredients leading to the creation of cloud computing.


Freedom The greatest advantage for cloud computing is that you can finally free yourself from being dependent on one device. We'll call this freedom. Freedom is when
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02 Feb Great backup software

Note: this is an extension of key points discussed in a previous posting titled "Your backup sucks!" If you want more background information on different types of backups and suggested methods, then please read that posting. Now that you have an external hard drive, it is important to avoid a big mistake that we see often: manually copying the information on it yourself. This is important because next week you'll have that dinner party, and the week after you have to actually get some work done. Oh, and 2 days later you might have some free time to dedicate 30 minutes to your backups. Face it, we're not always available to make sure backups occur on their own, and we shouldn't have to be. So we need some good software that can take care of that for us. Most of today's backup drives will already come with some form of backup software to facilitate proper backups on a schedule, however a good portion of these backup software don't work well. So here are a few, based on your operating system, that we know have worked:

Windows XP

Handy Backup

A free version of this software is available from here. Just download and install it, start it in trial mode, and get the free license key from their website and paste it into the program. This will allow you to use it for simple backups to your hard drive. If you need additional help setting this up, then please request it through our help desk. We offer free and fee based support, depending on your needs.
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