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27 Jan Your backup sucks!

[blocknote title="Backup 101"]The point of backing up your computer is to avoid losing your important information when your computer fails to function in any way (note: I said "when" and not "if").[/blocknote]

Living in uncertainty

The computer world is full of uncertainty. Especially when it comes to the stability and security of your data. Data is usually stored on a hard drive. Most hard drives will fail at some point - so it's not a question of if, but when. This is one of the biggest reasons to backup your data. If that doesn't convince you, then the next common problems will:
  • Viruses/Spyware attacks
  • Lost or stolen computer
  • Dropped computer
  • Electrical damage
  • Database corruption
Your backup method sucks Now that you know you should backup, it's important to address that your existing backup may actually be ineffective. We have talked to a lot of customers that assume they have a viable backup. They are wrong. Flash drives and CD backups are not good choices! A good backup plan accounts for ample storage, automation, and an occasional confirmation from you.
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25 Nov Which computer should I get ?

Laptop with guide questions We created a new category in our blog called guides. These guides are a series of articles to help you make the right decision about a computer product or service. These guides will be frequently edited to keep you informed about the latest suggestions. Specifications The first thing, which is also the most important are specifications. We suggest any Intel i3, i5, or i7 processor computer. Choose the i3 if you're on a budget, i5 or i7 if your willing to spend a little more to enjoy a good and speedy experience along with a longer usable lifespan of your computer. Stay away from Intel's Celeron processor unless you're interested in torturing yourself. If you're on a major budget crunch, AMDs Athlon II is a great processor system. For performance on a budget, you can consider an AMD Phenom based processor. Get a system with 4GB or more of memory. Nothing less would be suggested for a new computer today. Windows 7 is the only operating system we recommend, and is typically found on all new computers. Brands There is almost no difference in usable life span, quality, or speed between computers. With desktops, there is virtually no difference outside of looks.
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