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Boomerang makes emails more powerful

04 Mar Boomerang makes emails more powerful

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We use email for more than just messaging people. These other things could be reminders for things such as paying bills, or even relying on them to act as tasks to accomplish.¬†Unfortunately, outside of filing messages in a to do label or folder or marking them as unread, it’s difficult to stay on top of them. Especially since we all get so much email (spam messages aside) that it gets to be a task just even reviewing messages. Announcing a solution: Boomerang.

Boomerang is a plugin for Gmail that allows you to automatically send prewritten messages at a specific time. Also, it can easily set messages to return to your inbox as new messages (boomerang) after 2 hours, 4 hours, 2 weeks or any other time. It can even have new messages that you are composing come back as reminders to follow up with someone you may have not heard back from. In other words, if you’re sending a message to someone and hoping for them to respond within 2 days, you can have the message come back to you as a reminder to check in on them after 2 days. Furthermore, you can even have the boomerang message NOT come back if the person responds prior to your reminder. This ultimately reduces clutter and allows you to be thorough in your work.

What you need

  1. Gmail (or Google Apps)
  2. Chrome or Firefox web browsers
  3. The Boomerang Plugin

See it in action – Watch the Video

How much

Boomerang is free for Gmail users who only need it for 10 messages or less in one month. If you require more messages to be boomeranged, then you can sign up for their $4.99/month plan (gmail users only). If you’re a Google Apps user (using gmail with your personal website), then you have a $14.99/month plan available with unlimited boomerangs. More details can be found here.


We’ve been using Boomerang for the last couple of weeks and have been very impressed. This is a great tool for ensuring you get a get return on your email for business and personal use. More for business.

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