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Microsoft is closing some of its Windows

28 Feb Microsoft is closing some of its Windows








On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end its support for Windows XP. This means that they will stop providing security updates and technical support.  Therefore, you’re facing some high risks after that date. You should switch to a modern operating system.  You’ll benefit from better security, long-term reliability and a lower cost of ownership. (Fact is, if you still use XP your computer is probably old; you should replace it anyway.)

Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to Windows 8.  But if you can’t, or don’t want Windows 8, you can still change to Windows 7. But the opportunity to move to Windows 7 is diminishing rapidly. It may be practical to switch today, but it will not be as possible next week and even less in the near future. Whatever new system you choose, we can help. Just log in to our website and create a ticket, and we can work with you to open some new Windows. As always, we’ll answer your questions and concerns, too.

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