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How To Sell Your Used Tech

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20 Apr How To Sell Your Used Tech

Tech companies bring out updates to their devices every year and as a consequence, our drawers are cluttered with gadgets we no longer use while our wallets grow lighter. A way to resolve both issues in one go is to sell our used tech when we upgrade, or when we want to upgrade but are having a hard time justifying the cost. There are an abundance of sites online that offer easy and convenient ways to do just that. Here are some of the main ones:


Gazelle makes it very easy to sell your used tech devices. It takes a couple of minutes to describe the item you want to sell and receive an estimate. In this case you can either ship to Gazelle free of charge or you can drop it off at an ecoATM kiosk. If you choose the drop off option, you’ll receive immediate payment to a Paypal account, by check or Amazon Gift Card. If you ship the device, you should expect to receive payment within seven business days.

Best Buy Trade-In

Selling your used technology on Best Buy Trade-In couldn’t be easier. You fill out a very simple questionnaire, hit submit and automatically get a quote. You ship the device in a pre-paid envelope or drop it off at a local Best Buy store that accepts trade-ins. The only drawback to this service is that you’ll receive payment in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card which is great if you plan on investing in more technology, but not so helpful if your goal is to save for your kid’s college fund. The turnaround for payment is usually 10 business days.


As with the Best Buy Trade-In site, you fill out a slightly longer questionnaire on NextWorth and immediately receive a quote for your device. You ship the item free of charge to NextWorth, and in return you can choose to receive payment by check or payment into your Paypal account. It can take up to 10 days after shipping to receive payment. The obvious advantage to NextWorth is that you aren’t locked in to a gift card as you actually receive cash for your device to spend as you wish.

Target Trade-In via CEXCHANGE

Target Trade-In works in pretty much the same way as Gazelle and Best Buy Trade-In. You find your device on their site, get a quote for it then ship it for free. In return you receive a Target Gift Card. Alternatively, you can drop the device off at a participating Target Store.

Amazon Trade-In

As with the other online sites, you fill out a questionnaire to receive a quote. If you accept the quote, you ship your device to Amazon who cover the shipping costs. They inspect the item and if they find it as described, you’ll receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card. Turn around for payment is about two days after Amazon receives your device. Amazon is one of the higher payers for used technology.

Apple Trade-In

If the device you’re trading in, is an Apple product, you can use Apple Trade-In. Similar to the other services, you tell them about the make, model and current condition of your device, send it  to them and in return they will send you payment in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card, Visa Gift Card or deposit into your Paypal account. Apple uses a third party company called Phobio to provide this service. The Apple Trade-In also offers pretty competitive prices for used devices. If you’re trading in your iPhone or an eligible smartphone (see the site for details), you can receive instant in-store credit towards the purchase price of a new phone.


Glyde works slightly differently to the other sites in that it connects you directly with a buyer for your item, and therefore you’ll probably get a higher price for it once it sells. The process to list your device is simple. They send you a shipping kit which costs between $1 – $6 depending on the item you’re selling. Once the buyer receives the product, proceeds from the sale are deposited into your Glyde account three days after delivery. You can withdraw the deposited money directly to your bank account, receive the funds by check or you can receive payment in Bitcoin. Glyde deducts 15% of the sale price.

Ebay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

If you’re left in a state of shock at how little you stand to receive for your gadget using one of the above services, you could list your item directly on Ebay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. This way you’ll have complete control over how much to ask for your item. The process does involve a little extra hassle as you might have to negotiate the price yourself in the case of Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You will also  have meet up with the buyer or be responsible for shipping costs. The advantage is that you will probably make more money selling your gadget via one of these marketplaces.

If you’re interested in trading in your device, don’t leave it too long to decide. Depreciation unfortunately means that tech products very quickly become worthless even if they still work perfectly. If your device no longer has a trade-in value, many of these sites advise you where you can recycle them for free, which is good for the environment and your decluttering, but unfortunately won’t help fatten your wallet.


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