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22 Dec Chromebook Review – Lifestyle

The best reason to get a Chromebook is because there are many ways it can make your life easier. First, having such an extremely portable computer meant I could be productive on the road more frequently. On a typical day when I might be on the road and make multiple stops, I won’t take my laptop along unless I’m certain I’m going to use it- it’s just too big and bulky to be all that practical. The chromebook, however, went with me almost everywhere I went. When I found myself with the odd 10 or 20 minutes to kill throughout the day I could easily whip out the Chromebook and get a few things done. Startup was a breeze. There was no need for tutorials or instruction manuals. The Chrome OS runs much like windows in many ways and is fairly intuitive.
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15 Dec Samsung Chromebook Review

After purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab and finding it not as great as I wanted it to be, I was asked to review a Chromebook, and let me tell you I loved it. I tried in vain to hold onto it for a few extra days and miss it now that it’s gone. Let me preface the review with this: I am not a tech writer or even a technofile. I’m just an average user. That said, I can think of few people or professionals who wouldn’t greatly benefit from having a Chromebook in their life. Let’s go over the main selling points.


The Chromebook is fast. It boots quickly, and if you simply shut the lid and restart it later, it picks up where you left off faster than my current laptop or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Browsers open
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09 Jul Lost internet due to Botnet, FBI

  Some of you have asked us about the media's recent coverage on sudden internet shut down today. Most people have no reason to be alarmed. This is not an infection, but a result of one if you were infected at some point in the past. If your internet is currently working, then you are not affected by this. A way to double check and, more information, is below. IF YOU WANT TO DOUBLE CHECK ANYWAY: 1. Go to this website: 2. If it shows green then your computer won't be affected by this. If it shows red, reply to this email or call us at (866) 220-4720 and let us know immediately so we can provide you with our availability to fix this problem. MORE INFORMATION ON THE PROBLEM:
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