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22 Dec Chromebook Review – Lifestyle

The best reason to get a Chromebook is because there are many ways it can make your life easier. First, having such an extremely portable computer meant I could be productive on the road more frequently. On a typical day when I might be on the road and make multiple stops, I won’t take my laptop along unless I’m certain I’m going to use it- it’s just too big and bulky to be all that practical. The chromebook, however, went with me almost everywhere I went. When I found myself with the odd 10 or 20 minutes to kill throughout the day I could easily whip out the Chromebook and get a few things done. Startup was a breeze. There was no need for tutorials or instruction manuals. The Chrome OS runs much like windows in many ways and is fairly intuitive.
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15 Dec Samsung Chromebook Review

After purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab and finding it not as great as I wanted it to be, I was asked to review a Chromebook, and let me tell you I loved it. I tried in vain to hold onto it for a few extra days and miss it now that it’s gone. Let me preface the review with this: I am not a tech writer or even a technofile. I’m just an average user. That said, I can think of few people or professionals who wouldn’t greatly benefit from having a Chromebook in their life. Let’s go over the main selling points.


The Chromebook is fast. It boots quickly, and if you simply shut the lid and restart it later, it picks up where you left off faster than my current laptop or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Browsers open
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23 Aug Back to School: PC or Mac ?

  This is a common question we get asked by many of you. Since it's back to school time, let's focus on what makes them so special. About each platform A PC is manufactured by many different companies and it runs the Microsoft Windows operating system. Manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Acer, Sony, and more produce these desktop and laptop computers for use with Microsoft Windows. Windows is what most of us are familiar with. Windows has a start bar at the bottom of the screen and a handy start button to launch programs. Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years,  you've already seen a Windows computer at offices, schools, and homes. Windows computers account for almost 90% of all computers used today. As a direct result, most software and hardware are compatible with PCs. Macs are unique in both, hardware and software. The hardware and software are produced by one company: Apple. Macs have a bar similar to Windows on the bottom of the screen, but it's called a dock and allows you to have frequently used programs appear for easy access. The environment is similar to windows, but has subtle differences. Despite having less than 10% market share, Apple has managed to drop it's unique "for creative people" status, and enter a variety of environments. Macs are now used by students, business professionals and, of course families. Most peripherals, such as printers and other devices, and software are Mac compatible. Since Macs are produced by one company, their tighter integration results in a quality product. Battery life, performance, and design are all as good or better than most PCs. They're also much slimmer and lighter than their PC counterparts. Advice: If you're considering buying for a student, make sure the school's software or applications are compatible with your preference. Some may require you to buy one over the other based on curriculum. Most schools allow either choices.
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25 Nov Which computer should I get ?

Laptop with guide questions We created a new category in our blog called guides. These guides are a series of articles to help you make the right decision about a computer product or service. These guides will be frequently edited to keep you informed about the latest suggestions. Specifications The first thing, which is also the most important are specifications. We suggest any Intel i3, i5, or i7 processor computer. Choose the i3 if you're on a budget, i5 or i7 if your willing to spend a little more to enjoy a good and speedy experience along with a longer usable lifespan of your computer. Stay away from Intel's Celeron processor unless you're interested in torturing yourself. If you're on a major budget crunch, AMDs Athlon II is a great processor system. For performance on a budget, you can consider an AMD Phenom based processor. Get a system with 4GB or more of memory. Nothing less would be suggested for a new computer today. Windows 7 is the only operating system we recommend, and is typically found on all new computers. Brands There is almost no difference in usable life span, quality, or speed between computers. With desktops, there is virtually no difference outside of looks.
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